Wheel of Faith

Mary this is not my fault but I will take the blame for it all we could go down south we could make a go of it I won’t really care no I won’t give a shit you could have my hand do with it what you please I will have your foot take it to the knee sometimes I could drive sometimes you just sit look out the window and try to navigate us around don’t take don’t take it too hard don’t go too fast without a pace we’ll run out of gas where did we go just the other day I’m trying to remember if we went astray brighten up my life take a Wheel of Faith guide it round in circles till we’re out of space to move keep it groovin keep it on the road so we say its stupid the walls and ceilings cave but if they have paint at least while we’re looking at them they will look okay take your time to leave because I can’t guarantee it won’t be the last tribute to the past I will take the wheel that’ll give us liberty with this wheel of faith we might not ever be alone again again again I am alone we’ll make a new house build it with the phone call all our men so they can help us out and afterwards we may be broke but we won’t have a doubt it’s the doubt in faith we keep the resurrected beast this time I will try to be more encouraging without an honor without a pay I’ll know you were here by the smell of your hair it may be dark the blondest of the blonde keeps creeping on to conquer