Brand New Shoes

Don’t bother putting on your shoes today your soul has enough to protect you and your feet, shoes are,’t needed anymore. Don’t worry about getting over something life is all about getting over something unpleasant or embarrassing or unexpectedly terrifying.  Life never gives us enough time to do anything, I often feel like I need more to time to do whatever I am doing at the moment. Like writing this out, if I pause and let myself think it’s over, time water and forever unfinished. These are the things that tougher our soul. Work, too much work and our soul is tough. We don’t need shoes to protect our feet but life is so much better with them. I wish I could protect my soul from harm, from abuse, from being sucked away from me. Too much soul and too much time to think aren’t necessarily bad things. Used in moderation the souls of our shoes won’t wear too quickly.