I think the idea of musicians and instruments was more singular in the past. I’ve heard several times of one famous musician giving another and instrument that they then went on to play at a really famous concert or event and the instrument becomes synonymous with greatness.  It’s a wonderful thing to think that you have everything that you need and don’t desire anything more but that concept seems lost on people today, young people. It’s to easy to spend a lot of time looking for exactly what you want instead of actually just doing something with what you all ready have. It’s sad how that part of the past is gone. It’s like we woke up and we’re all ready on the ride that was created by our forefathers and foremothers. We’re too jaded at an early age and we don’t look at our heroes and say ‘what is it exactly that you are doing?’. Music has always been on the edge of being ‘taken for granted’. That really sad thing is that ‘foremothers’ was spell checked but ‘forefathers’ wasn’t.