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Bourbon & Branch show // June 29th


image jpg for flier for show at Bourbon & Branch on June 29th with Ellen Siberian Tiger, Mother Moses & Michael J. Vitale Band

Hello and good day!  We’re playing a show at the wonderful Bourbon & Branch on June 29th.  I love this venue for many reasons, they pay attention to the details of sound mixing and acoustics and have a passion and understanding of music & sound that is refreshing to see in a small venue.  It’s a great place to play or attend a show  as an audience member.  We’ll be joined by two other awesome bands from Boston, whose members met at Berkeley, named Ellen Siberian Tiger and Mother Moses.  Plus, you get to indulge in B&B’s sweet selection of food and drinks while listening to some killer live music. So put your kids to bed and pry yourself away from your laptop and come see this show before we’re all dead!

Check out Ellen Siberian Tiger here:


Check out Mother Moses here:

Rusty Nail, First show! May 29th

Image of flier for Rusty Nail show on May 29th from the Michael J. Vitale Band website  

Our friend Ben had lent Luke his old bass head for this show. When Luke plugged it in and there was no sound, my heart sank.  My spirits were soon lifted though when the bass player from ‘Black Market Revolution’ lent us his head and we were rocking in no time.  Luke said I was moving my hips a lot during this show which I now regret. Soon after, Ben joined the band on bass but he played through my head. A 70s acoustic head vs a broken GK is a no brainer to me.